AntennaPod slow to start

Is it correct that the merging procedure takes its time and is saved in AtennaPod’s cache, or am I mistaken?
In the same podcast episode, I discovered the issue, which is that resuming the episode after restarting AtennaPod or the device (I have a FairPhone 3) might take up to 30 seconds. Meanwhile, I may examine the blue ring surrounding the play/pause button.
By this time, I hadn’t checked the photos for chapter markers.

Thank you, by the way, for this fantastic App.

I’m not sure I fully understand everything here, but a blue arc transforming itself into a ring around the play button suggests the episode is being (re-)downloaded.

Does this happen consistently or only sometimes? Has it always been this way for you, or did it change?

What version of AntennaPod are you using and which android version are you on?

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