AntennaPod starts on bleutooth despite it s on "off" in reconnenting

Bluetooth Problem occurs when I switch of my headphone and change to the car; despite resume playing on new bluetooth is switched “off” the podcast starts immediately onto the car speakers
Samsung Galaxy S20 Android 13

Any ideas how to fix it?

I’ve read somewhere that some Bluetooth devices send an automatic play signal to a phone once connections resumes.
I know Podcast Addict has an option in it settings that ignores this signal.
Does the same thing happen if you tried AntennaPod with the same car but on another device is possible?

Same problem here. Had it for ages. Posted here about it a while ago.

I stopped using antennapod because of this, but now I’m back to using it again and I still have this problem and it still drives me a bit mad :grinning:

But I love the app and thank the devs. I just wish it would do what it’s told with regard to my vehicle.

This is a setting that you need to make on your car, not a bug in AntennaPod. AntennaPod is doing exactly what the car tells it to do. Look for something like “Bluetooth auto-play on connect” on your car’s settings screen.

On our work van radios there is no way to stop them connecting automatically which can be a problem when in the yard with your phone paired with more than one van and / or another driver has their phone paired with the van you are on that day. That is why I tend to unpair vans from my phone at the end of every shift and unpairing any other driver’s phone that grabs the connection.

But what you can do is switch the source on the van radio to FM or DAB radio or USB connection which will stop the radio sending Play commands to the phone.

In my car I leave auto-connect on and just have to remember to turn the radio off if I want to continue playback through my ear buds which I tend to prefer for the few minutes run to work or the shops. For longer trips I am happy to let the car radio take over playback.

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