App crashes immediately on startup (after deleting speed presets)

App version: 2.4.2 beta 2
Android version: 10
Device model: FP3
Expected behaviour:
Current behaviour: crash on startup (just see blue screen). Then won’t start even after swiping away (force closing) the app, until I let my phone ‘rest’ for a bit. Now I can start the app again.
First occurred: just now

Steps to reproduce:
Not sure if it’s reproducable, though. I recently increased the number of (auto-)downloads to 50. I noticed that the interface is slower. That might be related, instead of what I did just before the crash.

  1. Play episode
  2. Open player
  3. Tap speed icon
  4. Delete three playback speeds (3 presets left)
  5. See crash

Environment: Was playing through bluetooth, automatic download enabled.

The app, oddly enough, didn’t record a crash.

Hmm, I cannot reproduce this… :thinking: