App loads podcastwebsite with Youtube embed, gives up

Current android build.
Kind of error: “null”.
The URL to the Youtube video (which is embedded on the WEBSITE of the podcast) gets mentioned.

Podcast at hand: Liebe zur Musik: Frederik Wiedmann im Podcast ("Star Trek: Picard") - News & Stories

(Listeners get the podcast RSS style. But apparently the app does not just load the podcast but also its website. And on its website there is a YouTube embed as part of the “further information” thing. The embed is crucial. But the app aims to read it as well. Do we add some sort of #ID in the html for the app to ignore that part? How do we solve this?)

No Antennapod user can download the podcast episode. All other podcast/RSS apps we tested work fine with this episode.

And when the podcast is an mp3 file and if into the shownotes a YouTube video is embedded, the app aims to download the YouTube embed (when clicking DOWNLOAD PODCAST) instead of the podcast mp3 :frowning:

Contact the podcast creator. AntennaPod downloads whatever the podcast feed tells it to download. Apparently that podcast feed has the YouTube embed in the download url.

answer bellow, i messed up here

It has the YouTube embed IN the download URL?

The feed says, quote:

<enclosure url="" length="105795030" type="audio/mpeg"/>

THIS is the podcast, not the media content in the shownotes.

UPDATE! I know what it is! Sorry for my complaining! It’s RANK MATH. It messes with the feed.

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