Archive Download -- I am prepared to pay a feature bounty

I have a number of podcasts that I have a huge queue (300+ podcasts) for. Having to enter each podcast and select older episodes to download is a little too much 2006 for my liking. I need this automatic; without using my old podcast app; ‘Smart Shuffle’ is my new religion.

Essential Features:
Configurable per Podcast episode download limit. Example: 5 per subscription
- Also limits the total number of ‘new’ episodes to download. I do not need or want 700 episodes of the same voices in a row… ever!
- This is NOT the ‘keep at max’ presently available and should be separate.
- Exclude favorites as part of the limit.

Toggleable Archive Mode – Downloads older episodes first.

A toggle to include ‘new’ episodes.
- Example: ignore them until their turn in the chronological queue or download them as they show up and carry the remaining podcast limit in older downloads.

I do not know how/where to set up a feature bounty if you tell me where/how I will pay at least $15. I am aware this will take more time than that would normally pay for I am hoping that others are willing to jump on and add additional support.

AntennaPod will at least get the $12 per year to the development fund I was giving to my old podcast app who refused to fix a 4±year-old bug; I just have to figure out how to do this for you guys. I usually throw more to developers when I have a good month.


Hi RTVance, thanks for submitting the request.
So it seems like you want to have more control over what episodes get downloaded for each podcasts.
Most of what you said I understand.
But what do you mean by older episodes?
Do you meant the episodes that would be at the top if sorted from oldest to newest?

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Is your old podcatcher BeyondPod by any chance? Because that’s the only app I know of that has this feature as well as a smart playlist.

No it was podcast addict. The developer hasn’t fixed a bug that is more than 4 years outstanding because I refuse to send him a screenshot of something that can not be screenshot.

It does not have smartfilter. I learned of smart filter in switching.

Essentially Yes.
Presently the only podcasts that are downloaded at the ones that get a ‘new’ tag. This functionally means that any episodes released prior to the date I added the podcast feed must be manually downloaded.

Lets take Bulletproof Radio Podcast as an example.
It has over 700 podcast episodes. Lets say I am presently on 300, the prior 299 marked as read or listened too.
What I would like is to have have the ability to have it automatically download 300, 301, 302, 303… for the set number of per episode downloads limit.
So if the limit is set to 5 it should not download, in this example not beyond 305.
Additionally I would like it to download the ‘new’ episodes, if there is space allowed in the 5 episode limit. So if episode 701 comes out, it would download 300-304 and 701. This is functionality I have not found in any other podcast streaming app.

A good example of how this works is in podcast addict.

I will be home for the next 3 days if you have additional questions. Then I will be unavailable for a week again.

P.S. How do I donate to the project?


Ah, that clarifies a lot. I was thinking the same thing. And that is a very good idea. It has always struck me as odd that a podcast would exclusively auto-download new episodes and not older ones. We are essentially ignoring the other half of users that want to auto download all episodes. One wouldn’t arrive at a party and want to only be served fresh food. Sure they can go and manually get the old food, but why not just have it served alongside the new food.

Your example is excellent, except the part where you mention ‘also downloading new episodes when under the limit’. I assume you mean that there are no more old episodes. Otherwise, wouldn’t it download 300-305, since there are 701 episodes. So what you mean is there are 304 total episodes with a limit set 5. It downloads 300-304. With no more new episodes. It downloads 305, the new episode. Correct?

Podcast addict is an excellent app. More podcast apps should be like it. Hopefully, AP can be one of them. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how to donate at the moment. I think other members are working on it. An even better way that would go futher than a donation would be to help us promote AP. Maybe give us a ratinng and feedback on the playstore. Or tell other podcasts listeners about us. It would be greatly appreciated.

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OK, so let me try and get what you mean.

You want to set a max download limit per podcast, lets say 10.
Then you want to setup a max new episode limit, lets say 2.
And you want the rest of available downloads to start from your oldest,
marked as read episode, right?

To be honest, sounds like a great feature to have, since I’ve been
looking for a way to do it.

I wonder if there is any integration with Tasker that could accomplish
this. But a built in feature sounds better to me, I hope it gets done!

You are correct. Sorry when I wrote that I had been awake the better part of 20 hours. 304 would be the limit.

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Personally I do not care if there is a max ‘new’ episodes, just a total combined max per podcast…
If I get everything except for ‘new’ episodes I’ll be completely happy. As I am trying to replace the functionality of a good app but poor attitude developer.

For me have the current set limit of ‘all’ podcasts and say 200 total combined is missing the point of having multiple podcasts.
I never want to listen to the same voices prattle on about anything for 140 hours a week.

From the documentation I looked at tasker integration seemed fairly limited… but it is very likely that the documentation wasn’t up to date it has been a while since I check it.


Ok, now that we are on the same page, I believe that I can come up with a suitable implementation. Look out for this feature in the next release.


Please wait with implementing auto-download related code. Our auto-download feature is currently pretty messy and just gluing another feature on top will not make that better. It needs some serious rework before we can start adding more features.


I’m definitely aware of the need for a rework and understand that you have requested help with the milestone. I would like to help. I’ve look at it recently and have been working on a draft proposal. Where should I post it?