Archive (pause) subscribed podcasts

I would like to propose the feature to set subscribed podcasts to “archived” (paused/hidden). They should then slip into an area below the subscribed podcasts and get no updates but the saved episodes should remain. The status “archived” should also be reversible.

This feature would increase clarity for me, I have former podcasts with saved episodes and also some that I want to temporarily pause or hide for a few weeks without having to note the RSS address and lose all the saved episodes.

What do you think?

You can already do that by putting them in a tag called “archive”, disabling “show in main list” and disabling “keep updated”

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Maybe we should change ‘Keep updated’ to ‘Archived’ (and inverse the switch logic).


It would be good enough if all podcasts with “keep updated” setting disabled are moved down and/or would be half-transparent in the list.

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I find that sorting subscriptions by publication date works for me to push inactive podcasts down the list. The benefit being if and when a podcast does re-activate with new episodes it automatically pops up to the top of the list again.

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This request on our development platform: Allow to archive a podcast · Issue #6672 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub