Archiving Podcasts, NAS&AntennaPod Interaction

In the past i encountered quite a few podcasts that not just stop publishing episodes but completely vanish.
This affects both public radio stations , which are sometimes forced to take down episodes, and independent podcasts.
The podcast url gets redirected to a parking-seo domain or a non-rss html page instead of just receiving updates.
I began to store podcasts on my NAS instead just to keep certain episodes available for later.
This process of moving episodes from the Phone to the NAS and making sure that the archive is complete is a bit annoying.
Is there something we can do to make this process more automated like “automatically download episodes and move them to the NAS. Keep just the most recent x episodes locally.If the feed or episode becomes unavailable and we are on the home wifi, look in the podcast archive folder and get the episode there.” ?

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Isn’t this something that could be done with a filesync app, which looks at the AntennaPod folder for new files, but doesn’t delete old ones?

I believer that there also are some other server-side software projects that enable content downloading like this.

This in itself already is a huge discussion on GitHub, with many implications: keep the newest N episodes of each subscribed Podcast · Issue #2077 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub

I think that would be hard to implement just in AntennaPod - there are so many different ways to set up your NAS. It’d be impossible for AntennaPod to support all or a universal method.

I’m hoping that when we get a proper sync server (see, such server could take care of this part. Once the server does, and there is an official API, that’d be a lot easier to implement.

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