Audio not playing when next episode in queue starts via continuous playback

App version: 2.4.0 from Google Play Store
Android version: 8.0.0
Device model: SM-G930F

Expected behaviour: I’ve enabled continuous playback in the queue settings. I’d expect that if the current podcast ends, the audio will continue with the next podcast in line.

Current behaviour: Lately I’ve got the problem that when one episode ends and the next one starts, the audio will stop although the next episode seems to be playing. Only after unlocking the phone and pausing/continuing the next episode manually the audio will work just fine.
This started maybe 8 weeks ago and it happens daily, however not everytime the next episode in line starts/continues.

It’s not that bad but I’d be glad if this could be fixed, since it defeats the purpose of continues playback if I have to manually start the next episode anyway.