Audio quality in 1.3 speed

Hey there,

I just switched from Spotify to Antennapod some days ago and have to say: I love it! :slight_smile:

But there’s unfortunately one thing that bothers me…
If I listen to podcasts in normal speed, I cannot hear a difference in audio quality between Spotify and Antennapod.
But usually I hear all podcasts in 1.3 speed and then the quality difference is huge.

Short jingles in particular, but also speech, sometimes sound extremely distorted. Many speakers sound as if they were hoarse. I can’t really describe it, but Spotify somehow manages to “smooth out” the sound. Is there any kind of setting on Antennapod that could help me?

Thanks for any helpful hint on that!

I occasionally use the 1.25 preset and I don’t notice any distortion relative to the 1.00 default. I am curious if what you’re experiencing is somehow related to your manually sliding playback speed to 1.3 speed rather than clicking the 1.25 preset.

I speed up sometimes as well, but nothing notably bad. Don’t use Spotify for podcasts though, so wouldn’t have an idea if that might sound better.

What I can imagine might be the reason, is if Spotify use their own audio player, while AntennaPod relies on the default Android one.

Hey there,
Thanks for your input!
I tried the 1.25 option but the issue is almost the same.
I have to admit that voices are sounding more like the Spotify version but any kind of jingles, short music ect still… hurts my ears :wink:

That’s a good hint.

I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the player engine behind and Spotify uses somehow some technology that works more smoothly.

I looked in every single customizing option in Antennapod but couldn’t find any “make the sound smoother” option available.

Unfortunately I’m so used to hear podcasts in 1.3 speed, I can’t go back to 1.0
Sounds like slow motion to me :face_with_peeking_eye:

That doesn’t exist, indeed.

I can imagine. Have you tried using other speeds, e.g. 2.5? Maybe you can find a balance between smoothness and speed.

Yeah… no… 2.5 is indeed too fast for my brain :slightly_smiling_face:

But thanks for your answer.
Now I know there is no solution (and not just something I haven’t seen).

Whoops, I’m sorry. I wrote 2.5 but I have presets for 1.15, 1.25 and 1.5. My main point was to suggest experimenting with different speeds, mostly slower than your current one (as I suspect that slower = less chance of distortion).

Aaah, got it :grin:
I tried different speeds but the main problem is not solved. And any speed below 1.25 sounds like slow motion to me.
Anyways… after around 2 weeks I get used to the weird sounding jingles somehow and just accepted as the price to skip Spotify :slightly_smiling_face: