Audiobook loaded as "Local folder" on SD card lost connection Error

After loading an audiobook on the SDcard thru the “local folder” method, it plays the first time but subsequently shows error -

Unexpected Security Exception: Permission Denial: opening provider ExternalstorageProvider from ProcessRecord{6248bb58851:de.danoeh.antennapod/u0a114} (pid=8851, uid=10114) requires android.permission.MANAGE_DOCUMENTS or android.permission.MANAGE_DOCUMENTS

in on android 5.1, Antennapod version 2.7.1

This error didnt happen earlier.

Kindly advise how i can rectify.

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This looks like the file picker doesn’t grant AntennaPod all the permissions it needs. Did you change anything about the app “Documents”, like disabling or revoking its permissions? How exactly do you select the folder?

Do you use, by any chance, a Meizu M3s?

My instrument is an Honor Holly 2 Plus.

There is no “Documents” app that i know of.

I selected the folder thru Subscriptions - Add Podcast - Add Local Folder

i have not withheld any permissions antennapod asked for (its anyway not possible to deny any permissions in the version of android i have on my instrument).

On Add Local Folder, the internal default File Manager is invoked and the folder selected thereoff.

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