Authentification Required (

App version: 2.4.2

Android version: 11 RKQ1.200826.002

Device model: Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro

Expected behaviour: Load additional podcast entries

Current behaviour: Notification AUTHENTIFICATION REQUIRED

First occurred: A year ago

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select the podcast
  2. Scroll to the bottom
  3. Tap on “Load next Page”
  4. Notification will appear

This is a paywalled podcast entered via an XML RSS file, I cannot upload here, which authenticates me via my Steady credentials. Those don’t work when I put them into Antenna Pod.

I talked to the creators and there should not be any issues.

The content of the XML RSS cleaned of any podcast related URLs can be viewed here:

pw: wyrdwyrdgp

Might take a little to load up the 1080 lines.

Thank you very much, I would hate to drop Antenna pod after over 10 years because of this!

The interesting part would be to know if the url in <atom:link rel="next" href="XXXXX works with the same username/password (eg by opening it in a browser).

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