Auto-add old and not jet listen Episode every third day

App version: Fdroid - 2.5.1

Problem you may be having, or feature you want:
If I add a podcast with a long history, It would be nice to listen all old episodes.
I do not wis to push all into the Que because it would overflow all other podcast and a huge effort for sorting is needed.

Suggested solution:
Add a tick into the Podcast setting add old and not listened episodes all XX days and add an edit button where I could setup a repeating time frame. e.g. 3 day
So all three day the next oldest Episode get pushed to my que

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Personally when wanting to listen to episodes from the backlog of one or more of my subscribed podcasts I just go to that podcast’s episode list in the Subscriptions tab and manually add to the Queue any I want to listen to in my upcoming listening session. It would be tricky to automate this as my selection(s) depend on on what I feel like listening to at that time and how much listening time I expect to have.

At moment I have three such Podcasts with Backlog. I for my self like it to get supprised by what is currently in my que and may reorder them. But I do not like It to choose what next. Becasue I like most of the Episodes and if not I have to listen to say so.