Auto delete/mark as played

App version: x.y.z (state whether from Google Play/F-Droid/Custom built APK)

2.4.0-beta2 (ec8632ab0) Google Play
Android version: 5.x (Please mention if you are using a custom rom!)

No custom ROM Android 11 build RQ3A.210905.001
Device model:
Pixel 4a 5g

Expected behaviour:
If I mark an episode played then remove from queue it doesn’t remove the download. Shouldn’t it? This is driving me nuts. If this was mentioned before, sorry.

Current behaviour:

First occurred: (e.g. about x days/weeks ago)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. This
  2. Then that
  3. Then this
  4. Etc.

Environment: (Settings you have changed (e.g. Auto Download). “Unusual” devices you use (e.g. Bluetooth headphones). Did you select another media player?)

Hi @Singlespeednut
Thanks for chipping in with a suggestion here in the AntennaPod community :slight_smile:

In fact you’re indeed not the first one to request this - long ago there’s been a similar request on GitHub (where the app is developed):

There was a discussion there but no final conclusion as it ties in to the whole auto-download & remove mechanism, which is quite complicated. The whole auto-download area now is under discussion on our forum. So it might be a while before you can expect an improvement in this area :wink:

In the meantime I’d like to suggest to check out the Episode Cleanup setting if you use auto-download. It’ll clean up episodes for you in the background.

Thanks for the quick response. Yeah it was discussed exactly what I was looking for in that link you sent. :crazy_face: Definitely something I’ll be looking forward to.

I had auto cleanup set to “finished”. I’ll try the “when not in queue”. I usually have every podcast download automatically and if it’s a topic I’m not interested I just delete the episode manually. Hopefully that change will clean it up.

Great work being done! Donation will be coming your way.

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