Auto Download functionality

Hello AP team/users,

I am still new to AP, and so far I am really enjoying the experience.
I was forced to leave the last podcast app (Google Podcast) because it will no longer be available to us from June.

So far, my UX has been excellent except for issue: auto downloads aren’t working for me.
I have tried grappling with this for the last few days and can’t seem to get my head around it.
For example, I’m not sure why we have an Inbox or Queues for that matter. In Google Podcasts, the auto downloads went straight to the Downloads folder and I played them directly from there. I never used the Queueing system, and certainly not the Inbox as there wasn’t one.

I don’t see why there are intermediary steps. I suppose the “Inbox” was where all the episodes landed.

Would it be possible to end my misery on the auto downloads once and for all?

Apologies for the long message.
AP version: 3.3.2
Device: Pixel 5a 4G

Thank you,


Try the following:
Under Settings / Downloads

  1. Refresh Podcasts - Select option
  2. New episodes action - Add to Inbox
  3. Automatic Download - On

Now go to the individual Podcast
Under Settings
A. keep updated - On
B. Scroll down and turn on “Include in auto downloads”