Auto-Download is downloading episodes in backward order

App version: 1.8.3 (F-Droid)

Android version: 7.1.1

Device model: Moto E4 Plus

Expected behaviour: I expect AntennaPod’s “Auto Download” feature to download podcast episodes in order.

Current behaviour: AntennaPod’s Automatic Download feature downloads the last episode, not the first episode.

First occurred: Just now. (The first time I tried to use AntennaPod.)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to app Settings / Network / Automatic Download and enable automatic downloads.
  2. Add the podcast “Serial”.
  3. Wait for automatic download to start downloading.
  4. Rather than downloading Series 1, Episode 1, AntennaPod will download Series 4, Episode 5.

Environment: Auto download is enabled.

Right now sadly it’s not possible. It’s a long standing issue If you are interested to have more information you can refer to / follow issue #1077

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Yes, Issue 1077 is directly on-point. It sounds complicated. I’ll just wait for everyone to sort it all out.

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