Auto downloads not working

My app stopped downloading episodes automatically. New eps appear in podcast feed but I have to manually download. Started happening 2 weeks ago. One podcast still auto downloads but 4 others don’t.

App version: x.y.z

Google play 2.0.3

Android version:


Device model:

Samsung s10+

Expected behaviour:

Auto downloads be episodes are 8am

Current behaviour:
No downloads unless I manually download each episode

First occurred:

Start of December

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Hit the refresh (circular arrow)
  2. Then nothing downloads
  3. Then go to individual podcast feeds
  4. Manually download new episodes

No app/equipment changes

Is there an error icon next to the downloads page in the sidebar?

No errors. I thought it might be the queue episode limit but I made that higher and still new episodes don’t download, but not all new episodes just some.

Could you please take a screenshot of the sidebar, too?

Try pressing the settings icon on the podcast page (next to the info icon). Maybe you have (accidentally) disabled the auto download feature or set up a filter.

It looks like the keep updated got toggled off. That should be it, but I’ll know for sure tomorrow. Thanks for all your help.

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