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App version: 3.3.2
From: Google Play
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I am new to this project. I wanted to ask if there is an “auto-play” button in the episode or podcast screen, so when it’s activated the next episode will start to play automatically after the previous one is finished. Currenty (at least in my device) after one episode is finished, I have to manually set the next one to play. I haven’t found a feature for enabling the episodes to play automatically. If there is one, please let me now, but still it isn’t easy to find so we could improve it. If there isn’t, should I create an issue for this feature request?
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Create issue to add this functionallity

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Assuming you use the queue, in Settings | Playback in the Queue section there is a “Continuous playback” toggle.

Thank you, this setting is activated and I have episodes on the queue but they are not playing automatically. I was thinking about a button (like on YouTube) to enable all the episodes playing one after the other.

I believe you are saying that the continuous playback function works fine (the next item in your queue plays automatically), but you goal is to play all episodes associated with a single podcast regardless of what’s next in the queue. Did I get that right?

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Yes, this is exactly what I mean

Sorry, I didn’t fully understand your initial post, you said that. :slight_smile: