Auto priority

I’m a new user of AntennaPod. Is there a way to set a priority so my favorite podcasts are automatically queued up before less-liked podcasts? I know I can manually drag and drop but I’d like the app to make a first attempt based on the priority I previously set for that podcast. Ideally it would also be able to avoid playing consecutive episodes of the same podcast back to back even if that winds up with a mis-sort by priority.

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There is no way to set priority for a podcast and so no way to enqueue episodes based on it.
I think on GitHub, issue #1284, is the relevant one.

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Thanks for your reply…but rats.

@Matth78 @David_Johnson
I’m actually working on a PR for this issue. Once merged, one would be able to use drag and drop to reorder subscriptions on the subscriptions screen. The priority would then be the order of the subscriptions.

Presumably as a option? I prefer to have the queue default to publication order.

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How would that handle unlistened podcasts the next day? If my first in line podcast downloads on Sunday but I don’t listen until after Monday’s downloads–would it get bumped by the last podcast to download on Monday or does it retain it’s position? (I’m hoping it retains its position)
…and thanks for working on this!

Im also going to include a sort option in queue so that you can sort by priority if you want meaning it would retain its position if that is the desired sort method.