Autodownload not working despite no change in settings and current version

App version 3.1.1
Android 13
Pixel 7a
Expected behaviour- Auto download
Current behaviour- No auto download
First occurred-several months ago
Steps to reproduce- Have uninstalled/reinstalled and checked setting
Environment- No changes

I’m running on this exact configuration (7a, Android 13 and app version 3.1.1) and my auto download is working with no issues. Are you seeing any errors when it tries to download?

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Thanks Nilex
No, I am not :frowning:

Funny, because I left pocketcasts and found antennapod because I was having this exact issue. Maybe it’s me…

I left PC because they use a central server for episode refreshes and it was starting to deliver new episodes many hours after they were published.

So you can manually download things with no issues just the auto download doesn’t work?

And in Settings | Downloads | Automatic download your have it toggled on and the appropriate other toggles however you want them?

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Correct. No prob with manual downloads

Yes. Auto download on. Everything worked fine for 6+ months until recently with no changes being made

I wonder if there is another podcast player I can migrate to that will auto download :confused:

Can’t believe no one else is having thus problem

Could it be something Android related?

Given that we both have a 7a running Android 13 (are you on the September 2023 security patch?) and I’m not having any issues, I don’t see how it could be an Android issue.

Sometimes here and there I’ll have an episode that doesn’t actually download, but that’s usually because of an issue with the podcast feed itself. It sounds like you are encountering the issue with all episodes all of the time?

Have you considered trying to gather logs around the time an episode should be auto-downloaded to see if the developers can see anything in the logs? I know there is a Report bug option in AP, you could also try that to see if it gathers any additional information.

Correct, no episodes auto download
Will try to send log to devs


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Same problem on Pixel 6A

Hello, sorry to hear that you’re experiencing this. Have you checked the following points?

  • that auto-downloads are
    a) enabled globally, and
    b) enabled for each of the (desired) podcasts?
    This setting can be changed for each podcast, so that might mess up things without being visible immediately from the settings.
  • that auto-update is enabled and is working as expecting?
  • that you haven’t reached your ‘episode cache’ limit?
  • that you have enabled ‘Auto download’ under ‘mobile updates’ (in case you are never connecting with WiFi)?

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