Automated generation of backup data (Not Sync)

Version 2.6.2 Google Play

I would like to see some automation of backup data files available under Settings|Storage|Import/Export|Database Export. I am opening this up a new request because the others I have seen are about inter device sync. This is not sync, it’s backup.

The frequency of generation and the number of versions of files held (grooming).

This allows an automated bakup of files which in my case is with foldersync. An alternative would be a webDAV client or API to DAVx5, an open source DAV connector for Android, which I have uses succesfully with Nextcloud. This is a backline data backup and not an alternative to the present sync facility with gpodder.

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I’m definitely too missing an export functionality possible to automate. Either as a setting in the UI, or (more reliable?) an Intent that one could call from adb to launch a short lived AntennaPod session which merely exports the database without user interaction.

Could you please elaborate on the DAVx5 idea? It appears to be an odd technology choice to me, but I might be missing something.

You’re not the first one to request: