Automatic cleaning for not-updated podcast feeds

I’m starting to have a lot of podcast feeds in AntennaPod and I’m thinking how can I filter the old podcast which probabily won’t be updated. I mean the podcast not updated in the last year or more. I don’t think there is a automatic way to find these podcast feeds so I’m thinking if this could be an useful feature to add.

1)Every week, when the app starts o when the feeds are updated*, check the last episode date.
2)If it’s more than 1year* ago → Send a notification “these podcast may be dead” and let the user choose if remove or keep them
3)If the user choose to keep the feed, it won’t be requested again
4)If the user choose to delete the feed, it’s removed from the subscriptions

It could be useful to add a function to automatically remove the feeds withour new episodes in the last 3years*

  • values should be set in the Settings if possible.
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Hi @thevenin
There’s a discussion on exactly this going on in another thread: Pod fade tracking
I’d recommend to chip in there! Your idea of checking for time since last episode wasn’t considered yet I think.

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