Automatic download: Automatic deletion and queue

App version: 2.3.2

This is my favourite podcast app, thank you!

However, I have a few wishes regarding the auto-download. I don’t have a flat rate for mobile data, so I’m glad that the app is able to download the latest episodes automatically via WLAN at home. It’s great how reliably that works!

Problem you may be having, or feature you want:

However, a lot of old episodes remain stored on the device that are never listened to but take up storage space.
The option to delete automatically is currently not useful for me, as this also deletes episodes from other podcast feeds that I have selected and downloaded manually. But these should remain.

And it would also be nice if the automatically downloaded episodes do not show up in the queue, even though the option ‘Add downloaded episodes to queue’ is activated.

Suggested solution:
a) Automatic deletion only within the podcast feed to be automatically downloaded.

b) In the ‘Auto-delete’ settings, make multi-selection possible (for example, ‘if not in favourites’ AND ‘if not in queue’).

c) In the ‘Queue’ settings, add option ‘add to queue ONLY when downloading MANUALLY’ .

That would be great! Thanks a lot!

When I first subscribe to a long running podcast and do not intend to catch up with and listen to older episodes I manually mark all episodes as read except for the handful of newer ones I wish to listen to. Only then do I activate automatic download for that podcast.

Thanks for the answer! Hmm… I think for me this won’t be the final solution…

At the moment I handle it so that I delete the old episodes manually, that I deactivated the ‘Delete automatically’.

But, the ‘Auto Delete’ would be very nice! Therefore my suggestions on how the app could be improved.