Automatic Download Does Not Work

App version: 3.1.2 downloaded from Google Play

Android version: Android 12

Device model: Nokia 5.3

Expected behaviour: when the podcasts are refreshed, the most recent episode should be automatically downloaded when “automatic download” is turned on.
When adding a new podcast, if the checkbox “Include in auto downloads” is turned on, the latest episode should start downloading.

Current behaviour: episodes aren’t automatically downloaded in both the cases

First occurred: not sure when this strange problem started happening

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to the -menu or subscriptions screen and tap on “add podcast”
  2. Look for XYZ podcast
  3. Tap on any podcast and make sure the the checkbox “Include in auto downloads” is checked, and tap “subscribe”
  4. Check if the most recent episode of that podcast is being downloaded or not

Environment: Auto Download is turned on with Episode Cache set to “unlimited”, and I’m connected to an unmetered Wi-Fi connection.