Automatic episode info updating for episosdes with changed data (duration, file size, title, etc.)

In the attached AntennaPod screen you can see one episode has file size and duration, another has only file size and two others do not have file size nor duration.

That is because they are feed sourced at Youtube through Those without file size nor duration are Youtube videos that are scheduled for a future date or are on-going Youtube lives, thus, file size and duration are unknown. When the scheduled video/live finish, then duration and file size become available, and Podtube me starts to include them in the feed, however, seems AntennaPod does not update the episode information shown to the user when such data become available.

Maybe some people will say that this is not exact a bug, because lives and scheduled shows are not a standard practice in podcast industry, but at the same time if new information become available, I think it should be used to update the information displayed to the user (and that may include description, title and other information as well, in addition to duration and file size).

Seems in some cases AntennaPod update the file size when it becomes available, but not duration.

I would like to suggest to include a setting to the user select if want all the episode information updated every time a fresh feed is received (for the respective episode ID).

My guess would be that PodTube does not add the duration to the feed. Then AntennaPod only knows the duration if you have started the episode at least once.

Hi @ByteHamster,
I am very familiar with Podtube project and how it works.

When the AntennaPod user request the updated feed to Podtube will get a feed with the 15 most recent videos in such Youtube channel. For the videos that are not ongoing lives or scheduled lives the Podtube server will include in the feed all the details, including duration and file size. For the videos that are ongoing lives or scheduled lives (and duration is unknown), the Podtube feed will provide title, description and other details, while file size and duration will be empty or set to zero.

Every time the AntennaPod user request the update for such feed, Podtube will look again at Youtube and, if duration and file size are now available, then this information is added to the updated feed. And here is the problem… most of the podcast app will not update the info shown to the user, even if the fresh feed contains new data previously unavailable (as duration and file size).

I just added a change that updates the duration from the feed (if no duration is known yet). See Update duration from feed if there is none yet by ByteHamster · Pull Request #6322 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub. If there already is a duration, we do not update from the feed. Otherwise it would overwrite our own measurement (which is probably more exact than the one in the feed, because people mess up their feeds).

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