Automatic small rewind when starting back

App version: 2.5.2 F-Droid

Problem you may be having, or feature you want:
Add a small rewind when starting back after a stop (notification…) when ongoing podcast

Suggested solution:
Set a global setting like:
=> Rewind at start : ‘time’ sec
If set, when starting the podcast restart ‘time’ seconds before it stop
Very helpful when notification are stopping or when you have to stop to talk a few secs or minutes and start back, this way you restart from before you stop, and are sure of not losing anything

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As a multi-drop driver with frequent stop / starting and so frequent pause / playing this is a real boon when working and listening in the van. Of course only some podcasts are suitable for listening to in this way in the first place. Lightweight episodic chit chat (eg Dr Karl) compared to deep discussion needing real concentration (eg In Our Time).

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AntennaPod already rewinds automatically: Automatic rewind – AntennaPod

I don’t really think this should be a setting because AntennaPod has a huge number of settings already


Personally I would rather the auto-rewind was a tad more agressive: 60 / 20 / 5 would be more in line with my usage.

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As a workaround, couldn’t you just add the rewind button to your notification and use it first thing?

That sounds a bit much (for the 60 at least), but I was also playing with the idea to increase it to 30 / 15 / 5. @ByteHamster, what do you think?

Interesting. I did not realize that there was a rewind. So either something is wrong on my phone or it is too small… I’ll be more attentive.
Thx for the link.

IMHO I understand we want to limit number of features but it could be a good thing to expose this in playback settings.
It would make it more visible (and avoid recurrent request about it) and allow to adjust it or even turn it off.

Hmm. To be honest, I like the idea that most users don’t seem to realize that the feature exists but it still “just works” for most users. Making the values too high will probably mean that users want to turn it off and we lose the “just works” property.

Hmm, not really convinced that this should be a setting. This is a niche thing that clutters the interface (note that it would need at least 3 text boxes, maybe even 6, and explanatory text). For such a small feature where the default just works in 99% of the cases, this would also add quite a significant amount of maintenence/testing overhead to keep it working after the initial implementation…

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Just listened when notification is popping up, and definitively, there is no rewind in my case… and then sometime, I have to take back my phone to manually rewind because I misunderstood something due to the cut and restart with the notification in between.
I had that option in my previous podcast app, and honestly, was really appreciated.
Is that automatic rewind also happening after notification?

Yes, I’d like this to be an option with longer playback after longer pauses. Podcast republic has this option and I like it, especially when also using a navigation app whilst listening.

Hi. The Rewind-Thing is actually the reason why back in the days I chose AntennaPod :wink: and it still works for me.
But to have it in playback settings (“Wiedergabe”) would be a feature request for me, too, although it works fine for me any time AntennaPod restarts playback (as sometimes after longer calls it doesn’t resume)

Which, to point this out clearly, is a feature for me, too: some silence after a longer phone conversation is perceived here as a benefit. To tap on “Play” in the notification is no hassle at all.

Please note that the feature request is to make the rewind happening after notifications. It is easy to overlook the nuance here. I did it at first and see from the discussion that I was not the only one. Pressing the pause/stop buttons and having an incoming text message are not the same thing.

I’d say it would make sense to consider adding a brief rewind after each notification, as it is easy to miss what’s being said whenever android masks the playback behind some other sound.

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