Automatically play through a podcast episodes

Problem you may be having, or feature you want:

Autoplay next episode mode

Suggested solution:

Add a streaming mode which after an episode is completed it goes to the next sequential episode in the podcast.

Screenshots / Drawings / Technical details:

Unless my way of listening to podcasts is less common than I thought (listening through from the beginning through to the most recent episodes) it seems strange and cumbersome that the app has no way of going to the next episode in order if you’re not listening to the most recent one.

I know other podcast apps seem to have this feature so I assume it’s relatively doable.

The only workaround seems to be to add the whole podcast to the queue which feels clunky and cumbersome. (Also for anyone switching to the player as I am it means selecting and marking as read hundreds of episodes, then adding only the remaining unlistened ones to the queue-putting hundreds of episodes in the queue which feels like an unnecessarily complex workaround.

I think I saw an old (and locked) discusion of this which seemed to just fizzle out without resolution, so sorry about the repeat I just wanted to indicate there is interest for this.

If the technical challenges of this are more than I think they are given there’s a workaround I understand and mods are free to mask this as resolved-i just thought I’d suggest it as a way to possibly lower switching costs from other apps.

It has been discussed several times. Main point is that there is no support for multiple queues or what you are asking.
You can look at issue 1533 which is asking what you want.
Hopefully one day someone would implement it and it will be merged / accepted. :crossed_fingers:

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Yeah, really strange that such an excellent podcast player cannot read a simple podcast! :blush:
But despite many requests, and for years, no developer so far is interested in this very basic feature (although technically complex likely).
This is the main miss in antennapod IMHO.

TBH it is not something I ever do. If I subscribe to a long-running podcast then I gradually work my way through the backlog as and when time allows while keeping on top of current episodes. The effort needed to multi-select and add all episodes to the queue is commensurate with me ever wanting to listen to, say a shortish drama series, all in one go.

So, I would say that your way of listening is less common (although no less valid).

Actually none of us can state whether this is a common way or not :wink:.
Yet, all other podcast players I know have that feature. That’s all.
Let me explain a contradiction within antenna pod itself: you can “install” a given podcast on your phone’s home page as a shortcut, to have a direct access to it without navigating in the app itself. But what is the point? Because once there, if you play an episode, the next episode will not be the next one in the podcast, it will be whatever you have in the play queue.
The area is really half cooked in antennapod so far, and quite frustrating because otherwise antennapod is rather close to perfection. Minus that! :blush: