Automatically remove episodes from the inbox that are older than 7 days

… or 2 weeks,1 month, 3 months, etc!

Hello all,

My inbox gets quite full on a weekly basis as I have a bunch of podcasts subscribed.

My only option to clean it up is the Remove all from inbox, but I would actually like to keep the most recent ones, from the past week let’s say.

So why not provide the option for episodes older than x time to be automatically removed from the inbox by the app?

It would make it easier for me to find the new stuff quickly, plus keep the inbox neatly clean without any input from me!

Thank you for the attention.

This does not specifically address your request, but my flow is to glance at the InBox and decide which episodes to:

  1. Listen to (click download, which removes them from the InBox)
  2. Will never listen to (slide them to the left, which removes them from the InBox)
  3. May eventually listen to (leave them in the inbox for now)

I find this flow works well for me, and I prefer it to an arbitrary deletion date that could trigger at an arbitrary time).

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