Autoplay podcast

App version: 3.1.1, from Google play

Would love to see an option to autoplay unplayed episodes from a podcast automatically rather than having to build a queue; very useful as a chronic binge listener!

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Assuming this is a podcast you are subscribed to, couldn’t you just have new episodes automatically added to the queue and if you have continuous play enabled it just autoplays the next item in the queue?

Wouldn’t that only do released episodes? And then I’d have to drag anything else I wanted to listen to up un the queue. I’m talking about catching up on podcasts that have been out for a while.

Gotcha, I made the assumption you were talking about new episodes.

Agreed. I listen to podcasts to help sleep and I don’t want to have to jab a bunch of buttons every night to enable autoplay behavior.

Podbean autoplays by default, but unfortunately it stops randomly on some podcasts and not others, which is why I’m looking to move.

If you want to queue up old podcast episodes, perhaps Rewind might suit. You can even specify which episode to start with and how frequently to download the next episode.