Battery drain

App version: 2.4.2 (Google Play)

Android version: 9 with MIUI 11.0.6

Device model: Xiaomi MI 6

Expected behaviour: normaly, AP doesn’t need that much battery

Current behaviour: AP seems to drain the battery more than usual. Imho far more than the official YT-app

First occurred: About 10 days ago

Environment: no Headphones, just the speakers of the phone

Hi @Fraustaenki,
Welcome to the AntennaPod community forum! I personally haven’t experienced this - what makes you think that AntennaPod is the culprit?

I’m also experiencing massive battery drain from AntennaPod (according to the battery usage statistics in the settings) on my Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite 5G running Android 12 / MIUI 13.0.2.

I’ve been using AntennaPod for a long time and this must’ve started recently. I hope somebody has an idea what could be causing this.

Does this high battery consumption happen continuously all the time or only some of the time?

Would merely starting AntennaPod without neither letting it refresh feeds, download anything or play any episodes still trigger it? It would be easier to try guessing what the cause might be if able to limiting the search to a specific functionality, unless it also happens for a fully idle app.

Could someone of you experiencing this please try disabling all automatic refresh and sync, reboot the device and start AntennaPod without using it for a few hours? Reporting back whether that also drains the battery?

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Thank you for your feedback.
I did the suggested test (automatic syncing / download was switched off anyway) and there was no battery drain at all from just opening the app after a reboot. It seems like it’s the playback that’s draining the battery massively.
Maybe I should also say that I’m streaming the podcasts and don’t use the download function.
Is there anything else I can test?

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