BETA 3.4.0-beta4 Subscribed password controlled podcast no longer functional

Android 14 - Samsung Galaxy A52S 5G

A premium podcast I have used for years that has a userid and password to access stopped working with an error that would not be resolved - sorry I didn’t do a screenshot before removing the podcast and trying to reconnect. The url was in the form of​

I have been unable to reinstall the podcast by the above rss or by just the address (, however with the latter it did prompt me for userid and password, which I entered.

I double checked my userid and password and was able to use it to download a missing episode via a browser - so I know it is OK.

The problem started with the beta.

Thanks a always for your help and fantastic app!

Fixed in Fix password protected feeds by ByteHamster · Pull Request #7155 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub

Thanks again @ByteHamster - you’re the greatest.

When will I see this fixed? Next Beta?

Yes, next beta release

Great! Thanks once more!

3.4.0-beta5 now installed and as promised the problem is fixed. THANKS!