(Beta) Lock screen controls stop working


Android version: 13 (stock)
OS version: 5.10.157-android13-4-00001-g914e947b041d-ab10144456
AntennaPod version: 3.1.0-beta3
Model: Pixel 6a
Device: bluejay
Product: bluejay

The lock screen play/pause buttons stopped working with the latest version of the beta. More specifically, when the playback has been paused/stopped for a while they no longer work; if the playback was started/paused recently the buttons work; however if they’re stopped for a greater amount of time (indeterminate how long) they don’t. The button will change state, but playback will not start/restart

Almost as if Android has closed the playback service or similar, and AntennaPod isn’t handling the restart… or something.

Previous version did not have this issue. However, previous version for me might have been the 3.0 beta version; I’m using the beta version (thru google play), and I do not have my apps auto-update enabled… Not sure which beta version it was… Problem started this week when I manually updated to the 3.1.0-beta3 version.

Edit: Same issue with the notification media controls; playback doesn’t (re)start after some period of time…


Potentially relevant:

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Seems this is now the case on the release version 3.10 for Pixel 6a users like me.

Indeed, still an issue with the 3.1 full release (no longer beta)…

I do want to mention that this wasn’t an issue with 3.0; the two linked github pull requests were (I assume) already merged in the 3.0 release… Something changed between 3.0 and 3.1 that broke the functionality.

This is a known issue and tracked on our development platform.


Android version: 14
OS version: 4.19.278-g7b0944645172-ab10812814
AntennaPod version: 3.1.2
Model: Pixel 5
Device: redfin
Product: redfin

No crash report recorded

Having similar issue with mini player controls not working from lock screen (or when smart lock keeps screen unlocked) after stopping playback. Only way to resume playback is to open the app and press play.

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