Better queue management, allowing to listen to both a long audio book podcast interrupted with other episodes without loosing track :)

Problem you may be having, or feature you want:

Example of use case that I can’t do in Antenna Pod, unless I’m wrong:
I want to listen to an audio book published in a podcast, where all episodes must be listened in sequence obviously. But this can take days/hours and this activity is not done in one step. On the contrary, it is often interrupted by playing other podcasts episodes, before resuming the audio book.

To be more specific : I would like to listen to podcasts in various ways (mainly 3 ways), and I can’t do that with AntennaPod for 2 of them

  • 1st way (and the most commonly used by me - that I have to do in another app): in any screen in the app that contains a list whether it is a subscription podcast episodes screen, the All Episodes screen, the Downloaded Episodes screen or the Playing Queue, start listening from a given episode in this list, then play the next episode IN THIS LIST automatically instead of resuming the Playing Queue. That is not possible in Antenna Pod 3.4, unless I’m wrong
    Of course, the “last played location” in this list must be retained to be able to resume playing there later on.

  • 2nd way: build, craft and carefully curate a Playing Queue by adding episodes at the right place, then play episodes from that queue, one after the other… This is the way Antenna Pod works
    Of course, if any of the 2 other methods are used to interrupt the playing the Playing Queue, the contents of that Playing Queue should not be lost.
    (Note that the way episodes are played in the 2nd way is just a particular example of the first one, applied to a list called “Playing queue” in Antenna Pod).

3nd way (less used): anywhere in the app, play a displayed episode by interrupting the current “queue” that is being played, then at the end of that unique episode, resume playing the queue where it was interrupted This also seems to be the way the Antenna Pod works

Of course having multiple playlists, automatically filled in based on criteria, or manually filled it would be a must, but I’m not sure I would be using them.

Suggested solution:

For way #1, without implementing the basics for playlist(s) and at least one unique playlist, I don’t know what to suggest.
FYI, if you look at how the other podcast app I use as a workaround for the 1st way, they have done it that way:

  • the real “playing queue” ie the list of episodes that will be playedactually is hidden to the user and maintained by the app itself based on user interactions elsewhere in the app
  • one unique “playlist” is provided, called “To be played later”, where you can add episodes in the order and place you want, exactly like the “Playing queue” can be fed and updated in Antenna Pod
  • then, to play episodes, you just go to any displayed list (the explicit 'To be played later", or the implicit “Downloaded episodes”, “Podcast Episodes”, “All episodes”…), you start listening to one episode in the list, then the next one is IN THIS LIST is selected based on the order parameter (the one above or one below) and the sort&filter parameters applied to the list and played automatically

Anyhow, this way or another, I hope that the queue/playlist management subject will be addressed soon to bring AntennaPod to the next level (if not already there :P)

Thank you.