Blocking abusive users on Github

Over the last year contributing to AntennaPod, I have been impressed with the professionalism of the users and the maintainer.

Today I saw a Github user use the F*&$ word on Github.

Question: should we publish a code of conduct for the project and what would happen when users abuse it?

In this particular case, I would like to block that user from commenting on figure Github issues and pull requests

I already blocked that user. That comment was the first thing the account did on GitHub - so writing that comment was probably the main purpose of the user account.

I don’t think a code of conduct would have stopped that comment. Personally, I am not sure how much a code of conduct would help. People who are not nice probably don’t read the document anyway.


Yup, thanks for doing that. The user code of conduct is for future, people who might be more borderline nice and don’t know how this community behaves. Just a suggestion to think about.

I mean, I’m not opposed to adding a code of conduct. I just think that with our limited time, we can do many other things that have a bigger impact :slight_smile:


I’m not a member of the team but I feel I speak for many when I say it is not the job of anyone on any platform to decide what is free speech. If someone offends you say so, but the big tech led cancel culture movement is what is driving more people to seek out FOSS options, and this means more varied types of individuals will be contacting developers, which means it’s more likely somebody will rub you the wrong way. I think we owe it to them to not become yet another source of this new form of fascism. Also, I’m pretty sure Github already has guidelines for that sort of thing somewhere.
Try not to mistake personal frustration(as in my own recent case) for a personal assault. In short. grow some skin, it’s going to be easier and more effective in the long run to ignore a bit of roughness as your team gets more of the limelight, rather than trying to control the sea of emotions.

In this case it was just spam (which was sent via email to everyone watching the project), not a person trying to make their point using inappropriate wording. The account was blocked to avoid receiving more spam :slight_smile: If you really want to, you can use the search function on GitHub to still find the comment but I won’t link it here now.