Blue loading screen is too bright

using amoled … mostly in pitch black. the loading screen is blinding. can be get a blue icon on black background please


Your suggestion would then cause an ugly black flash for other users (probably majority) that uses the light theme. Blue seems to be a good compromise that is not too bright and also looks more elegant than plain black or plain white. I have tried using the icon in blue-on-background but that always looked strange.

hmm … i fail to see how a dark screen is stresfful for the eyes.
white is the stressor … its not about aeshtetics its about function / accessibility

Aesthetics is pretty important. If an app does not look and feel modern and polished, users will not use it.

of course , but nobody inferred this was about aesthetics. my problem is functional . my eyes literally hurt

If this dark blue color hurts, there are probably many more things that hurt. Covers images, subscriptions screen, or even just browsing the web. Maybe you can try setting your phone to system-wide greyscale mode (on my phone, the setting is located in developer options). I feel like this looks a lot less bright.

i see you avoid a straight answer. and the answer is we dont care about your issue. find yourself a workaround

Well, we can not make it better for one user if it, at the same time, makes it worse for 100k other users. My reasoning was that you probably experience the same problem in other apps and I tried to suggest a way that fixes the problem on your end for all apps instead having to write every app developer.

For my information / curiosity, what is the loading screen? I don’t understand. You mean downloading screen?

For what it is worth I am using dark theme which might be nicer since there is less contrast. Battery wise I don’t think it makes a lot of difference since Antenna is not an app which needs a lot of screen on time.

Edit : don’t take wrong what ByteHamster told you. I know it can be frustrating to feel not understood on something you think is better or simple. All in all there is not a lot of developers and there was a time where development was almost dead. Know it’s progressing a lot steadier and there has been a lot of great improvement. :slightly_smiling_face:


If you force-stop or swipe out AntennaPod and then open the app, you see a blue loading screen. Depending on the phone’s performance, the screen is displayed longer or shorter. On my phone, it’s displayed around 200ms and barely visible but on slow phones, you can sometimes see it for 1-2 seconds.

i only see a person not engaging in discussing a problem, nor trying to understand it, but making arguments for ignoring it.
definitely not a good way to approach things.
feel free to check other apps and see most dont have this issue ).

  • its contradictory imo to suggest something that shows for 200ms makes such a big difference for 100k users.
  • its irrational to speak on behalf of 100k users when this was never polled
  • there are other solutions rather than changing it

sad vision this app has imo. hard to be optimistic

Interesting. It happens so fast on my phone that I had never noticed this before. I had to do so multiple times to even get a faint glimpse of it. It appears to be there same color blue as the current logo.

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@gruia Why get angry and attack people? This isn’t going to make anyone want to listen to your concern.

Developers have to judge things based on user feedback. If this is the first time that @ByteHamster has had this kind of feedback, one has to assume that most people don’t have a problem with it. This is also an open source project in which the developer gives their personal time for free with no compensation. Most developers, especially ones in open source, generally focus on the majority, not minority. If they did, then a project would go in a million different directions and not be useful to anyone.

If the developer thinks this is insignificant and not relevant to the project, that’s nothing personal against you or any of us. I’ve had the same thing happen on my suggestions too. If it’s that big of an issue for you, you can always use a different app. You also may want to visit a doctor for your eyes, to make sure you don’t have a bigger problem.

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If your eyes mostly hurt with blue colors, another thing you could try would be to use a blue light filter app. My phone has a native setting for this but if yours doesn’t, there are many apps that provide a filter. Just search your favorite app store for “blue filter” or “night filter”.

thats exactly the point … first time you hear something and you beat around the bush? you dont ask any question to understand it? you consistently assume the wrong strategy about an unvalidated problem?
thats enough for me. maybe im used to different standard than this.
PS its not about being BLUE, its about its brightness. i already have color filters and everything.

attacks? take it as constructive criticism. if you dont see the constructive part of it theres nothing i can do about it. in general i dont know if theres much i can do about this type of competence problems

I understand now what is the loading screen. I never paid attention because on my phone it appears less than 1 sec.
For most apps I tested loading screen it is white (Gmail, play store, …). There is some where it’s black.
For AntennaPod I almost never see it as it is always running.

Wouldn’t it be possible to look away from screen for some seconds when launching AntennaPod? Kidding, it’s just to help calm down discussion. :wink:

More seriously : I tried to search but with no success, can loading screen be a problem for people having problem with their vision? If it is, could it be reconsidered to at least have an issue to make it more standard?
=> It could be tagged as a good first issue to solve for a developer.

If loading screen was a black background instead of blue then I feel most users wouldn’t mind / notice. Or if all white it would allow impaired users to manage it the same way as other apps.