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I’d like to bookmark best parts in my podcasts. Woud be nice. Thanks

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Could you be a little more specific about what you would like to do and what your intent is to accomplish? This is a little vague.

It sounds like they want to timestamp bookmarked episodes. Which is a great idea actually. That way you can find the spot or spots that may be why you starred it.

It sounds similar to this request from 2016. I have often wanted to either add notes to a podcast episode, or mark a particular place for reference later. Several things come to mind

  1. where to store this metadata
  2. do we need to export it for the user eventually
  3. what happens when the episode is not favorite and gets deleted?

Yes. That’s what I want.
That Feature is in the Samsung Voice Recorder. Verry nice Feature. And I think it’s not too hard to implement. One row in the ui and bookmarks on a card after the chapters.

Interesting idea. I’d never thought of that before. How would that be accomplished if the podcast creator has not included chapters?

I guess that I’m a bit of a dinosaur then. :joy: I use a small notebook and pen and make my own notes and thoughts.

Interesting how different people are using their apps. I’d never even consider using a favorite/star feature (and would be happy if that functionality could be hidden) let alone highlighting specific parts of podcasts.

But then again, I don’t reread books either which a lot of readers like to do.

Do you guys actually go back and listen again for fun or is it for research or something?


Maybe a sort of notes function. You hit a button, at the point you want the note, which puts a timestamp after which you can add a few words describing it. It could also favorite the episode. Ideally the timestamp would be clickable and take you to that point. Obviously that would not be a big deal.

If more podcasts were really good about show notes, this function would be useless.

Edit: I’ve thought about hand written notes, but then the data needed are in two spots. It’s just less efficient.

Also example of the timestamp would be YouTube. Like how you can link to an exact spot.

Cheers. I appreciate the clarification @Dragunbayne.

In short, yes, I do listen again. Sometimes I just find specific episodes to be very enjoyable and fun. Other episodes talk in such depth or complexity that I feel I need to listen again to fully understand what is being discussed. Yes, I have actually used it for research in the past as well.

I completely appreciate that point. But I also like the contrast between the two. The contrast between the tangible item I can hold in my hand and do not need electricity or anything else for it to work and this modern device I can hold in my hand that is thousands of times more powerful than the original computer that took an entire room.

Brilliant example! I hadn’t thought about that. We use that for work frequently and it’s enormously effective and saves time. Cheers!

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I listen again for these reasons also. I like the time stamping idea for long podcasts where I may want to replay a point or story for myself or someone else.