Boost Volume

App version: x.y.z (state whether from Google Play/F-Droid/Custom built APK)
F-droid Version 2.1.1

Problem you may be having, or feature you want:
I want to have feature Boost Volume like in PocketCast! Because my phone not quite loud to listen audio even I use headphone and when it comes on me phone speaker is Sh**


I would really like to have a player (open source?) that offers volume boost, silence skip and variable speed playback. I think that if the project had those features, it would bea great bonus. Those features could almost be considered table stakes.

Skip silence and variable speed playback are already supported. Volume boost (like basically all feature requests) is just waiting for someone who implements the feature.

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When I try to enable these features (Motorola One 5g Ace / 2.2.0-beta2 (9f88e3c7c)) I have a choice based on the player. I am unable to have skip silence and downmix to mono both enabled. I don’t know which players have the variable speed option, but I would love all the options on one player. I have payed for two commercial podcast players and both required you to pick a player based on the options you wanted.

Options are in player screen and settings icon.
There you can turn on skip silence and change playback speed. There is also a mono option but available only if you choose Sonic player which is no longer supported. (You may have bugs using it so I really don’t recommend to use it)

For variable speed you can also tap the speed icon next to rewind button. It would allow you to change speed. To choose which speed to use you have to long tap and it will open a dialog. (This dialog is also accessible from apps settings and playback settings)

Finally it is also possible to define which speed a podcast should use by default when playing an episode. To do it you have to go to podcast screen (the one which lists episodes) and go to podcast specific settings.


My great desire would be for options like volume boost, downmix to mono, variable speed, crossfade, and others built in to the player. I just don’t think it is in the scope of this project.

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Definitely would be a great feature, but also compressor/limiter + EQ for when in interview podcasts one speaker is way quieter than the other, which still happens far too often.


I would like to tackle adding volume during our hackathon if not sooner.


Volume boost would be awesome. I always destroy my ears when I switch between antennapod and music in my car…

just idea, maybe it should be easy to solve rare low volume exceptions by any external app?
just add into share options also “path to downloaded file”? and I will choose “play in vlc”, having vlc installed (it has has 200% volume booster in its equalizer settings)
(maybe someone should prefer to pass mp3 path into any mp3 volume booster app and then play it in antenna?)