Bring Back the refresh button

By now I’m sure everyone is aware removing the refresh button has created a bit of drama. I make three podcasts. Two of which are about Linux and open source software. I’ve been using and recommending Antennapod for years. I’ve even got a tutorial on one of my websites on how to get it installed and add an RSS feed. This is the first time I’ve ever had to consider using another player. I can also no longer recommend people use the app. Having the functionality hidden in an overflow menu is not an option because sometimes people are just trying to hit buttons while going down the road or doing other things. Swiping down is not an option because I dare say many people have large queues. Normally with these things I tend to lean towards the side of the developers and not towards entitled users. But this is one of those times where the users might have a good point. For all the things that should be in an overflow, three fresh button is not one of them. I really hope you folks take these things into consideration. I honestly think you’re going to lose people with this one.

Can you explain why having a large queue inhibits the drag down to refresh option. Surely 99% of the time you are looking at the top of the queue?

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I’d be in favor of having a refresh button in lieu of the pull down. I made an earlier post regarding the sensitivity of the pull down. This would address my issue too. You wouldn’t even have to get rid of the pull down function, just add the ability to toggle between the two.

Swiping down is not limited to the Queue page. I usually swipe down from the Home page.


I disabled the homepage in the settings. It’s not of much use to me. I want to get straight to my list of shows. I would imagine I’m not alone in that.

I still think the question “Can you explain why having a large queue inhibits the drag down to refresh option.” is valid. Can you provide some background?

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Can you hold a tap on the icon? That’s my best and favorite way to get to the Queue, Subscriptions, Refresh, and Episodes.