ButterKnife implementation

Recently, I came across AntennaPod on github and I want to do some up-gradation in this app. Before this, I have seen in many open source android projects and found 1 common thing is that they all use ButterKnife for binding their views. Currently, ButterKnife is not implemented in the AntennaPod app. I would like to implement it in your app. If you agree with this, I would like to create a new issue on this.

Hi :slight_smile:

I really like that you ask before starting such a big process. This makes it easier to discuss the changes. Looks like ButterKnive is no longer maintained. They suggest to use view binding instead.

I think using view binding could be a nice improvement to make the code easier to read. If you want to implement view binding, please start with one single, rather simple screen, so I can see how it looks. Pull requests that change dozens of files at once are usually pretty painful to review and later cause problems when merging. Incremental changes are the way to go for AntennaPod :slight_smile:

First of all Thank you for the response and suggestion about view Binding.
Can you tell me of which activity I should change it to view Binding?

Maybe OnlineFeedViewActivity could work. Most pages in AntennaPod are not activities but fragments (everything displayed in MainActivity), so I would go fragment-by-fragment there, too.

Okay I will implement view binding in this fragment as early as possible and will create pull request.
Thank you.

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@ByteHamster I created the pull request. Please have a look there. If you agree, I would like to go further with other classes as well.
link : https://github.com/AntennaPod/AntennaPod/pull/4399