Bypassing Queue

Many podcasts are multi-episodes of the same subject. For instance true crime and investigative journalism reports are frequently podcast in 10 episodes released weekly, fortnightly or monthly, and audiobooks in even more episodes than that. There are listeners (I’m sure I’m not alone!) that prefer to “binge listen” (like they do with a Netflix series!) or save them for opportune times.

I suggest that a subscription can be flagged such that it is not shown in the Queue (thus avoiding clutter) while still showing by having its unplayed counter shown.

Another low priority “nice to have”. Please note that my suggestions are not based on the other app I used since 2012, but are features I would have liked there too! It is just that I have fresh eyes and now as AntennaPod is open-source I have the opportunity to share ideas. Thanks for considering them or even putting them on your “one day maybe list”!