Call for help: Preparing AntennaPod Echo 2024

Yes, it’s a bit early: the end of the year is still 9 months out. But time flies and before you know it, it’s time to release an updated version of AntennaPod Echo!

We were very happy with how it looked and with our users’ responses. This year, we’d love to further tweak the design, change the way we determine the ‘favourite’ podcast and introduce a new screen or to.

Since Echo is time-sensitive and potentially a lot of work, we’re already looking for two people who want to help us upgrade the Echo experience:

  • A designer, who can help us design screens that present users’ information in a beautiful and engaging way.
  • A developer, who can help us implement the extraction of data from the database and present the info based on the new screen designs.

Whether you’re a hobbyist or seasoned export, please do let us know if you want to help out! Just drop a line below, or send a message to @ByteHamster and/or @Keunes (And if you have an idea or wish for Echo, that’s most welcome here, too.)