Call for ideas - Showcasing features and workflows via the blog

Participating in the AP community, I realised that some users have very precise and elaborate workflows set up, whereas others need more help discovering available features. The upcoming 3.0 release is a nice opportunity to advertise new and existing features via the blog, and to showcase what can be done with AntennaPod.

I suggest to use this thread to identify suitable topics and invite community members to come forward with their creative ideas enabled by AntennaPod.

Some examples that come to mind:

  • [edit: see first reply]

@keunes perhaps you can create a wiki-style reply? I don’t think I can!

  • Fulfilling a range of listening goals via the Home screen
  • Creating an archive of listened/inactive podcasts using tags and a couple of settings
  • The most efficient swipe actions to forget about long tapping
  • Synchronising and listening from multiple devices
  • Using local folders to move from another podcast app to AntennaPod (and making sure their cover image shows up)
  • Exploring top podcasts from other regions by changing the country of the discovery screen
  • Automation examples (Do you make the most of the available automation features? Add your suggestions here!) (@ByteHamster: auto-download might change, so not sure if we should spend the time writing a blog post)

Thanks for starting the list @loucasal. I updated some the ones that ByteHamster added to make them a bit more focussed on a use case, in line with your suggestions. And I added yours to the wiki list as well.

It would be great if we could start brainstorming about the content for a home screen blog post, so we can link to it form the press release.

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I just moved the blog post drafts to new topics, so that the discussions are easier to follow. Also, I moved them to the “lounge” category, so we don’t have draft versions of the posts available to be indexed by Google etc.

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