Can the seek bar be hidden from the notification player? (Android 13)

App version: 2.6.2 (Play Store)

Android version: 13

Device model: Pixel 4a

Expected behaviour: The notification player consists of the buttons configured in Settings → User Interface, centered and proportionally sized (i.e. each taking up roughly a third of the width available in case of three buttons).

Current behaviour: The player consists of a seek bar, rewind button, play/pause button, forward button, and skip button, all in one line. The seek bar takes up almost half the available width and the buttons are significantly smaller.

First occurred: After updating to Android 13

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play an episode
  2. Open the system notification panel

This has been driving me crazy. I have to be really careful when I want to simply rewind a few seconds via notification because if I accidentally tap the seek bar next to it, I lose the playback position and I have to figure out where I was all over again, which is a huge time sink and incredibly frustrating. Can I make the notification player simply consist of rewind, play/pause, and forward, like before? A seek bar is rarely of use when listening to a podcast anyway, and the buttons being smaller is also annoying.

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