Can't change my data folder

I installed AntennaPod for the first time on my phone. After downloading a couple of Podcast episodes my phone telled me my storage is full. At this moment I realised this App don’t save my Downloads on SD card which is the standard option on my phone. I wanted to change the storage folder but the App only allow me one option: “/storage/emulated/0/” There’s no other option available. What did I wrong and how can I change this? I have an 128GB SD Card to save media files. My phone have only 32GB and there’s only 4GB free.

App version: 2.5.2 (1bc02fd84)
Android version: 8.0.0 (non rooted - I’m a technical idiot. This is to complicated to me.)
Device model: Samsung Galaxy S7

Expected behaviour:

Current behaviour:

First occurred: Since my first download from Google Store today.
Steps to reproduce: Looked through the whole options, but can’t find anything
Environment: de-installed the app and re-installed - nothing

No one an idea? Am I the only one with this problem?

Hi @Thorsten
Great that you downloaded AntennaPod and welcome on our community forum! I personally don’t use an SD card so I can’t testify to this. There might of course be other users who have the same issue as you but haven’t mentioned this to us.

I did have a look on the forum and on GitHub (the platform where development happens) for any related discussions. I only found a few related threads, including one that explains that AntennaPod allows you “to choose between device memory or SD card, rather than arbitrary locations” and that it “only [offers] the app-specific folders that Android allocates” (source). This makes me think: do you have any other apps that also only allow you to choose between internal memory and SD card and where you can effectively choose the SD card?

I just saw this guide:

Is your SD card an ‘external’ (‘traditional’) storage or set as ‘adoptable’ storage?

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I use as SD card on my Samung S20 and AP offers me a choice of using that or the internal memory for storage. I don’t recall doing anything special to get the SD card recognised as internal storage.

Thank you for your answer. My SD card is an external memory. The only app I know which didn’t let me choose between my internal memory and my SD card is WhatsApp. Many thanks for the link. I’ll watch this later and give a report if there was a solution to my problem.

It’s an external card. Thank you for your link. I’ll read this later an I tell you if I could find a solution ther.

No solutions in this links for me. But I still thank you for your answers.

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