Can't disable downloading of cover images over mobile data

App version: 2.2.1 Google Play

Android version: 7.x

Device model: Moto E4

Expected behaviour:

Cover images not downloaded over mobile data when option unchecked.

Current behaviour:

Cover images downloaded anyway.

First occurred:

Probably starting with first 2.2 version. I’ve been running an old version for months, but foolishly updated without saving the old database first, so I’m kind of stuck with the new version now.

Steps to reproduce:

Fairly self-explanatory.

I’m not too familiar with this area - I’m wondering, how do you notice that cover images are downloaded? Normally they should be stored in cache, no? Or are we talking about episode cover images?

The thumbnails get knocked out pretty often as my poor old phone is chronically low on free space and I fill it up with podcasts whenever I’m in a free hotspot (rural area, so it’s only about once a week).

Episode cover images are turned off now, but they were loading too. It looks like AntennaPod simply doesn’t recognize that I’m on a mobile/metered network where cover images are concerned, though it does for everything else.

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