Can't dowload some of my podcasts anymore

App version: 3.02 (F-Droid)

Android version: 13 (custom rom)

Device model: Google pixel 4a

Expected behaviour: Downloading podcasts manually via inbox

Current behaviour: Several podcasts can’t be downloaded anymore. The download log gives me the following message: ‘The podcast host’s server sent a broken podcast feed. | Technical reason: The podcast host appears to have added the same episode twice. Antennapod still refreshed the feed and attempted to repair it.’

Is there a way to solve this?

First occurred: At least 3 weeks ago

Steps to reproduce:
I deleted the podcast en dowloaded it again. That did not work out.

Environment: no changes

I looked at it some more and I see that Antennapod is by itself trying to download several episodes from two or even four years ago. That’s a kind of strange behaviour, since I did not tried to download these episodes. Could that be the cause of this problem?

These messages are about a broken feed (that AntennaPod repaired), not episode downloads

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That is indeed, as @ByteHamster noted, unrelated to the warning message you received. Did you activate ‘automatic download’? I don’t think it filters out super old episodes, so it can happen.

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I don’t use ‘automatic download’. So, that’s also why I was surprised.

Well, now I get ‘Cannot find the server: Check if the address is typed correctly and if you have a working network connnection’.

The technical reason is: 'Unable to host ‘pdstfm’. No address associated with hostname.

But… I do have a working network connection and I don’t know why the address could be wrong, as I just try to download a new episode.

I don’t understand why these problems keep coming up. I mean, these are podcasts which are listened to to a big amount of people. So, one would presume that if this kind of a problem would occur, it would be solved quickly by the podcast provider…

Suddenly, they all work now :slight_smile:

Ok, that’s odd. But glad to hear :slight_smile:

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