Cant fetch icon of some feeds

Antennapod version: 2.2.1 (d9fdca4d0)
Android version: 8.1

Device model: Samsung

Expected behaviour:
The icon is fetched, and shows as normally.

Current behaviour:
Icon isnt shown at all

First occurred: (e.g. about x days/weeks ago)
Since i started using the app

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Add Deeplinks
  2. Expect icon to be fetched and displayed

Note: the above feed isnt actually a podcast, but i know that it works in other podcast/feed readers.
Also doesnt work for

Those feeds do not specify an icon

@ByteHamster could antenna pod fetch the icon from the home page or using some other method like other readers do?
Or, could it not show the grey icon? The grey icon looks kind of ugly, and feels unnecessary.
Btw, this doesnt happen only with generics rss feeds, but with podcasts as well, although it is rare

In case of self-hosted feeds, that could work: grafik. For feeds on services like feedburner, it would be a generic icon: grafik.

The favicons will usually also have an extremely bad resolution (like 16x16 pixels)

That’s not really true anymore

Often they are specified in multiple sizes and actually have a really decent resolution

Some more resources

And a library that does it

Sounds like it needs to do multiple web requests to get the icon. That’s a lot of additional stuff going on just to improve the experience of Non-Podcast RSS feeds that we officially don’t support at all. I am fine with adding a simple /favicon.ico when there is no other icon. Everything else seems a bit too much.

I don’t think we should be going beyond the RSS spec to fetch icons. It seems to be diminishing returns on our investment and creates technical debt and makes it harder to troubleshoot in the future (more code and more branching logic)

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I support that argumentation even tough I think it’s a little bit exaggerated, with the library above it could be as simple as:
if no image specified, give url to library and use that image if it returns one.
As long as the other library does it’s job I think that’s also a sensible solution.

Just fetching the ico is reducing network requests but I don’t think it’s worth it, no one wants a 16x16 pixel image in their feed :see_no_evil:

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When would you do that? After parsing? I don’t think we should do network requests from within the xml parser. When loading fails? I think that would require quite a bit of rewriting of the image loading code. I would just go with the favicon because it’s rather simple to do. We don’t officially support text-only RSS feeds anyway.

Well how about if there’s no image during parsing it just enqueues a worker that then trys to fetch an image with the library and updates the url/image to the db (or however it’s saved)

I totally get to just stick to the RSS spec, just saying it could be done with moderate effort, I think :innocent:

No, sorry. Stuff like that would have to be maintained and kept up-to-date. For a feature that we don’t officially support, this is too much overhead. I would be okay with trying the favicon when the feed does not specify an icon.