Can't remove podcasts from subscriptions screen

App version: 2.5.0 (6a366f0ad) fdroid

Android version: 9 ressurrection remix

Device model: Zuk z2121

Expected behaviour: Normal, remove subscription

Current behaviour: nothing happens

First occurred: 2022.4.5

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Long press podcast and bring menu
  2. Select remove podcast
  3. Nothing happens

Environment: nothing has changed since the last time I deleted a podcast.

Podcasts can still be removed through top menu once inside the podcast screen

Adding the informationfound in the report bug section on the settings menu


Android version: 9
OS version: 4.4.176-LineageOS+
AntennaPod version: 2.5.0
Model: ZUK Z2121
Device: z2_row
Product: rr_z2_row

No crash report recorded

Hi @Oriol,

That’s weird. So when you long-press a podcast, then tap on ‘Remove podcast’, what happens? Do you not even see the confirmation window?

It should look like this:

It’s a known issue. The good news is a fix is already included in 2.5.1! :wink:


Cool, I can stop thinking things to test now. I was about to downgrade to a previous version to see if the issue was still there.


Oh my, good catch @loucasal. I feel stupid now not to have checked GitHub before replying :stuck_out_tongue:

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