Car Head Unit Meta Data

Hi, I am coming to AntennaPod from another pod cast app and so far I am liking the app very much.

However, one thing, on the previous app I used it displayed the podcast name/title, duration etc on my cars head unit when playing via Bluetooth.

Is this something AntennaPod can do?? Am I missing a setting somewhere?? All is fine with other podcast apps and VLC.


Did you get AntennaPod from F-Droid or from Google Play?

I downloaded it from Google Play.

I think I have resolved my issue by changing AVRCP to 1.3 on my device (OnePlus 7 Pro) It was set to 1.6 and this and other options (1.5 & 1.4) didn’t work. I now get the podcast title and progress.

Not displaying podcast artwork, but I have never seen this in my car with any podcast app… although I do get album art with VLC.