Car mode - folders - swipe to open menu bar

  1. car mode screen with large buttons for RW, FF, Skip
  2. the ability to put your subscriptions into folders to tidy up the subscriptions page
  3. to be able to open the left pane menu by swiping from the left edge of the screen. When doing this currently it just backs out the app.

Minor suggestions on what’s a fantastic app. Keep up the good work :+1:

AntennaPod integrates with Google’s car mode, which offers exactly that

You can already do that. Because some people did not like the word “folder”, they are called “tags”, though. Just long-press a subscription and add a tag.

You can already do that, it just conflicts a bit with gesture navigation on some Android versions. People reported that it works when swiping slowly.

Thank you for your quick reply.

When using Google car mode you cannot skip to the next episode in the current subscription. It also doesn’t play the next episode in the playlist so for me it lacks some basic features.

The issue with the tags feature is that the podcast you have created a tag for remains in the main subscription page. I’d like to see a more traditional organisation feature - similar to folders on a computer. This would cut down on scrolling and allow you to find your chosen podcast quicker (I have 74 subscriptions)

Apologies :person_facepalming:. Total oversight by me as I never seen this feature in the settings menu. This feature works flawlessly for me (Pixel 5).

Actually when you add a tag you have a checkbox you can uncheck so the podcast don’t stay in the main subscription page.

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Thanks! Is there anyway for the “tags” folders to sort? They always sit at the bottom of the subscription page.

Using AntennaPod in my car, I have noticed that on the car screen the icons are displayed in a weird way.

If I remember correctly we have (from left to right) skip x seconds back, skip x seconds forward, play and next
like this: << >> > >|

This order is counterintuintive, or at least I’ve never seen it elsewhere before. I’m much more used to something like this:
|< << > >> >|

So when I move my hand to touch the screen I often get distracted, can’t find what I want quickly, and while driving this can get dangerous.

I don’t know if the reason for this was to place the << & >> icons closer to the driver, but to me this seems worse.
Maybe you can reconsider this or allow the users to set the icons positions the way they find more convenient (don’t know if that’s possible)