Car mode, subscription folders, mark previous as read, podcast name

Car mode - a lock screen which shows the podcast you are playing with very large rewind, pause and fast forward buttons

Subscription folders - to help organise your subscriptions to have the option to create folders. Currently it’s just a long list which isn’t the best way to organise your subscriptions.

Mark previous as read - I came over from another podcast app. Whilst it was easy to import my subscriptions I had to go through my subscriptions and individually mark each episode as read. A good feature would be to mark the last episode your listened to as read, and have the option to mark all previous episodes to that one as read.

Podcast name - having the option of having the name of the podcast under the artwork within the subscription folders.

Thanks for such a great app :+1:

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AntennaPod supports Android Auto, which is exactly what you are looking for

See Introduce folders to organise podcasts

There is the multi-select feature. On that screen, you can long-press and have it select all items below.

Thanks for your reply.

Android auto doesn’t work very well with the AntennaPod as you lose alot of its functions. It won’t automatically play the next episode for example or have a podcast filters which I have applied.

I also tried your long press suggestion, however that does not work for me. I get a submenu appear which appears when I long press and it gives me the following options: mark as played; add to queue; add to favourites; visit website; share.


Press the 3-dot menu button in the top right to enter multi-select mode first.

Thank you. Yes I did find that feature when I migrated across and I did use it to update my subscriptions. Whilst it was much quicker than long pressing each episode to mark as read, it still could be more intuitive.

I don’t want to come across as being negative as this truly is a fantastic app and the suggestions I have raised are just a few tweaks that I think it would make it that little bit better. I have also got a few family/friends to move over to AntennaPod following my recommendation. My suggestions are just that, it still earns 5 stars from me. :+1:


Hi there,

I would like to see the “mark previous as read” feature very much.
Sorry I did not read carefully (I missed: On that screen, you can long-press and have it select all items below.)

I know the multiselect workaround:

  1. enable multiselect
  2. select all
  3. unselect new episodes, I would like to keep
  4. edit
  5. mark as played

I think step 3 is the problem.


  1. enable multiselect
  2. select all below
  3. edit
  4. mark as played
    already acceptable (sorry again for not reading carefully)

My suggestion (preferred):

  1. long click on an episode
  2. “mark older as played” (click marks this and all older episodes)

Another idea would be:

  1. long click on an episode
  2. select older / newer episodes (click selects this and all older episodes)
  3. edit
  4. mark as played

You almost have this option. Maybe it is a little more intuitive if You don’t have to switch to multiselect explicitly.

I really appreciate your work. Thanks

You can already do that on the multi-select screen :slight_smile: Long click to select all episodes older/newer the current one.

Don’t know about the OP, but in my case, I’d also really like to see forward/rewind buttons on the lock screen, or in the notification. My use case is not in a car, but while on the bus/train or at home, earphones in ear, playing to the stereo via bluetooth, phone in pocket or on the table, and want to quickly skip an ad or rewind because I missed some important bit.
Pause/play (and next/previous) are already available on the lock screen, and for me are the quickest way to pause/continue in almost any situation, unless the phone is unlocked and I’m already interacting with Antennapod – so adding the skip forward/backward buttons to this set would be a time saver in almost any situation:

  • if the phone is loccked and no other controls are available, it’s much quicker than unlocking the phone, switch to AntennaPod and use the playback controls. Example: You’re listening with “dumb” headphones and someone interrupts you, you can pause/continue fairly quickly from the lock screen, but cannot rewind to the beginning of the last half-finished sentence of the podcast which you missed because your attention was on whatever interrupted you and on getting to the pause button quickly …
  • even if the phone is unlocked but focussed on another app, it’s quicker to draw down the notifications and tap a button than switching to AP (and possibly to the replay control screen, if that’s not shown already)
  • when using my regular wired single-button headphones, or playing via the stereo at home, skipping is either impossible or pretty fiddly.
  • even with my bluetooth headset with two buttons, skipping requires a long-press, which is still a bit fiddly since I need to take care not let go too early (which changes volume instead), and skipping several steps at once takes time, whereas tapping the lock screen a few times is way faster.
  • When I did have a car, the steering-wheel-mounted controls allowed me to skip forward or back, but did not let me move to the next/previous track (except by skipping all the way through the current one – having all those buttons on the lock screen would make sure that both functions are always available, also for people who may not have such controls in their car, or where they cover a different subset of functions.

This being the first time I post here, of course I need to add that this is meant as a suggestion to improve Antennapod for everyone, not a demand. I quite like Antennapod, and will happily continue to use and recommend it if developers decide that the idea would cause other issues, be impractical to implement or too low priority to spend time on. I also can’t tell how much work would be needed to implement those buttons – the only thing I’m certain of is that it would make Antennapod easier to use for me, and I imagine there would be others to whom that also applies.

I noticed multiselect doesn’t show played/unplayed state (greyed out) would be great if that could be fixed :slight_smile: